Maryland Chapter of HIMSS - Get Involved

How can I get involved with the Maryland Chapter of HIMSS?

There are a lot of ways that you can be involved with the Maryland Chapter of HIMSS, from being an attendees or member that enjoys participating, to being a Committee or the Board member that creates, organizes, and runs our programs and events. 

Take a look at these areas which allow you to get more involved and increase your own and others’ participation in our chapter:

  • Become a member! HIMSS offers individual, corporate, affiliate, and student memberships. If you choose full membership, a chapter membership is included at no extra charge. Make sure you pick "Mid-Atlantic Region" and "Maryland Chapter Membership". You can also choose a "chapter only" membership for just $39 a year. It's a great way to be involved in Maryland HIMSS! The HIMSS website has more information on choosing the membership that is best for you. 
  • Check out the Advocacy page if you would like to see how our Advocacy Programs have interacted and educated our State Legislators on Healthcare IT issues that affect our area Hospitals and Providers.
  • Check out our Membership page if you want to learn about the different membership options that are available.
  • Check out the Sponsor Program page if your company is interested in sponsorship opportunities with our Chapter to support our Programs and Events.
  • Check out the Committees page if are interested in the various committees that we have and what each does.
  • Check out the HIMSS+1 Membership page if you would like to learn how easy it is for National HIMSS members to provide a free National and State Chapter Membership to someone that is new to the HIMSS Community.