InfraGard Maryland Healthcare Data Security Conference

June 18, 8:15am, EDT - 12:45pm, EDT

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins University
6740 Alexander Bell Drive
Room 218 / 219
Columbia, MD 21046



Attacks against healthcare and medical organizations have risen at an alarming rate in recent years. The number of patient records that are suspected to have been exposed through cyberattacks in 2019 alone have already surpassed the ten million mark. Of equal concern, cybercriminals and foreign nation states have made repeated efforts to steal proprietary medical research data from these same organizations. These attacks have a substantial, direct impact on the American public, both in terms of financial losses and safety concerns.

Many questions remain: Who are the primary actors behind these attacks, and what are their motivations? How is sensitive healthcare data being accessed without authorization? Where does stolen healthcare data end up? And, most importantly, what can healthcare organizations and medical providers do to prevent and respond to data loss?

Please join InfraGard Maryland for a presentation about security in the healthcare industry and the threats faced by those protecting medical data, research, and talent. Perspectives will be shared by federal law enforcement representatives as well as from private sector experts who specialize in HIPAA Security and the protection of healthcare data. Speakers will include:

  • Special Agent Michael Miller, FBI Baltimore Field Office
  • Mr. Robert Zimmerman, CEO of QI Express
  • Dr. Noah Schiffman, Chief Technology Officer of KBR, Inc.

A light breakfast (coffee, donuts, pastries, and fruit) will be provided during this event.

About InfraGard: InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector. With thousands of vetted members nationally, InfraGard's membership includes business executives, entrepreneurs, military and government officials, computer and information security professionals, academia, and state and local law enforcement; each dedicated to contributing industry-specific insight and advancing national security.


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