AFCEA Bethesda Health IT Day 2015


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Program Overview

Health IT Day 2015: Beyond Transformation-Riding the Next Wave in Health IT 

AFCEA Bethesda’s annual Health IT Day brings together more than 600 senior-executives and IT professionals from across industry and government to discuss healthcare initiatives in civilian and military health.

Senior healthcare executives will address the Department of Health and Human Services’ 5-year health IT strategic plan meant to improve health IT infrastructure and community; next steps for the Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization Program, and cyber strategies for successful interoperability and health data monitoring.

The program features six education sessions, one CXO panel and three keynote programs focused on three key areas:

  • Track 1: Advancing the Interoperability Roadmap
    With the Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap being established, what are the biggest privacy and information security policies and challenges impacting interoperability initiatives and implementation?
  • Track 2: Transforming Healthcare through Data
    Health data is growing exponentially, generating 30% of the world’s data. Managing the exponential growth of health data presents challenges and opportunities for federal healthcare.  Attendees will learn how the major data trends are transforming healthcare as we know it today.  
  • Track 3: Digital Engagement in Federal Health IT
    How are agencies using digital tools and managing digital services to engage citizens in the healthcare process? With budget and resource constraints, how are agencies funding the new Digital Health Playbook?