Maryland Chapter of HIMSS - Sponsor Program

FAQs for Vendor Sponsors

Q. How can I become a sponsor?
A. All of the Sponsorship Opportunities are detailed on the Sponsorship Brochure.

Q. How can I pay for my Corporate Sponsorship Online?
A. Once you have received confirmation for your spot as a sponsor, our Treasurer will send you an electronic invoice.  You can pay by check or Visa, MasterCard or American Express through the electronic PayPal link provided on the electronic invoice.

Q. My company requires an invoice to pay for our sponsorship, how do I receive one?
A. The treasurer will supply an electronic invoice that you can print, if you would like, when you confirm your sponsorship.

Q. What sponsorship options are available for the Golf Tournament in May? How do I sign up for one of those sponsorships?
A.  Our complete brochure of Sponsorship opportunities for the Golf Tournament will be available in December. Contact us if your are interested.

Q. How do we register our attendees?
A. You will receive a PROMO CODE that you will use when you register your attendees for your events.  Fees will be waived but you will see them as $0.

Q. Who do I contact regarding questions about sponsorships?
A. You can contact Ravi Singh, Chair, FInance Committee, at